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The Myth of Sleeping Beauty and Taking the Unknown Path to Divorce – Part 1

The Myth of Sleeping Beauty and Taking the Unknown Path to Divorce – Part 1 by Wendy Hammond

Fairy tales and myths are peculiar and beautiful medicines. Their narratives bring up storylines that are otherworldly and yet recognisable in our own personal experience. Using the allegory of a tale in a therapeutic setting allows us to dance with possibilities, villains, wickedness and magic – elements of our own lives which we struggle to own or fear to battle in the ‘real world’. They connect us to millennia of humanity telling each other stories to soothe, reassure, warn, and ignite both imagination and courage.

Within the archetypal characters and predicaments, lies a language of adaptive thinking and paths out of paradox that is neither patronizing nor judging.

Perhaps it is for these reasons that I find using myths and fairy tales so valuable when working with clients struggling to change... [Read article]

Wendy Hammond “Leaving the Castle” author talks with Angela Lauria

Angela Lauria, May 12 2016
Angela Lauria on

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