Life Coaching with Wendy Hammond

Just curious – what does your ideal day look like?  How often do you live it? Chances are you’re here because you have exhausted the once intriguing delights of your comfort zone.

You’d like to chart your way into new territories without being mauled by the hideous beasts you sense hiding in the undergrowth.


One of the aforementioned beasts – redundancy, illness, relationship crumble or another surprise pivot – has taken you off your feet.

You’ve stopped being able to see what the future holds.


You can see where the path you’re on is leading and the vision makes your stomach churn.

Life coaching is about inspired action– bridging the gulf between whom we are and where we want to be.

What holds you back?

We’re going to get your fears, limitations and weaknesses out on the table for an honest look.  And then find ways to dissolve or navigate around them in an empowered, natural way that plays to your strengths and pleasure.

  • Enemies: analysis paralysis, overwhelm, fuzzy-headedness, stress, old stories, ruts
  • Allies: insight, purpose, imagination, clarity, integrity, love, authenticity, perspective

Our partnership involves powerful dialogue, tools and exercises to help you gain clarity, get unstuck and find joy in your life.

We will be:

  • Putting our finger directly on the pulse of exactly what it is that you most desire
  • Dissolving fears and limiting thoughts that are not serving you.
  • Creating a solid foundation for your next steps

I help people turn their thoughts around so they are living vibrant fulfilling lives from their hearts and not their old stale stories.

It’s a selfish thing really – I know that when someone is feeling good and motivated in their life they are more empathetic, charged up, passionate, excited, loving, creative and respectful.  And that’s a population I want to be living in.

Once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, momentum builds.

Let’s get it started.
  • I am available for online therapy and coaching via such services as FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom, and by phone.
  • I see clients in person in Ithaca, NY

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