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I just know that when we finished, I felt light again...

I had suffered on and off with depression since the birth of my first child and could feel myself dipping into that place again.  I couldn’t stand the thought of feeling so dark and powerless.  I’d just lost a good friend of mine now realize I hadn’t allowed myself to grieve at all.

I’m not even sure exactly what happened in my sessions with Wendy.  We talked about my friend.  We explored some possibilities about my life going forward.  There was one dream in particular which seemed to heal something deep inside me.  I just know that when we finished, I felt light again.  And grateful.  My husband was glad to have me back too.

LC, England

It was such a relief to talk to someone without judgement...

After an incident where I lost my temper at work (understatement) I was signed off for three months due to stress.  One of the most powerful outcome from working with Wendy was to recognize that I had choices.  We clarified what I wanted to say in the hearing about my return where I would be facing a supervisor who didn’t want me back. I was terrified that I would break down in tears of fury at this meeting, but instead I found my power and voice again.

We also worked with dreams and visualizations which I found to be surprisingly useful and illustrative.  The best thing about working with Wendy was that despite our different backgrounds and lives (my biggest misgiving at the offset), I always felt understood and calmly but strongly supported.  It was such a relief to talk to someone without judgement.

AM, England

She has a magical way of asking just the right question...

Wendy is a fabulous coach! She has a magical way of asking just the right question in just the right way so that I am able to go deeper into myself and find the answers that are there. Her gentle voice makes me feel comforted and cared for. If you are looking for a coach to guide you to your own answers brilliantly, I highly highly recommend Wendy Hammond.

SD, Alaska

The whole experience has helped me understand who I am and why I react to situations.

I was deeply unhappy with an area of my life and recognised I needed help to understand the causes and stop a repeating pattern occurring again in the future.

Wendy creates a calm and relaxed environment and asks intelligent and searching questions which encourage me to search my feelings and experiences.  We discuss whatever surfaces; breaking it down to really understand what is going on inside.  Wendy ensures I can explore my feelings in an open and honest way.  She does not judge and shows real empathy to difficult situations.

The whole experience has helped me understand who I am and why I react to situations.  With this knowledge I am working towards a better outcome in the area of my life I recognized as needing help.  But in addition I have an improved prospective on my life in general.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy.

GC, England

The session left me full of ideas, armed with new energy and practical suggestions...

Life coaching with Wendy Hammond is that rare thing – incredibly useful AND a real treat. Wendy is delightful to work with: warm, inspiring and with a wonderful ability to open up old problems and dilemmas to new perspectives. The session left me full of ideas, armed with new energy and practical suggestions, and able to take my next steps forward where previously I was stuck and overwhelmed.

TR, Wales

Biggest result: The feeling when the puzzle begins to start fitting together again...

I decided I needed to work with a therapist/coach after 6 months of being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I found that medication I was prescribed was only taking away the physical symptoms of being anxious, but it wasn’t able to heal me deal with the mental affects that being scared and worried all of the time has on you. Seeking a therapist was the best thing I ever did.

I picked Wendy firstly because she was recommended to me by a friend but also because I felt after reading her website that she was able to offer me what I needed. Wendy has a wide range of qualifications and skills. She is able to find a way to help you that is specific to your needs because she offers such a wide variety of therapy. I found her sessions comfortable, safe and non-confrontational.

We explored visualisation techniques and talked a lot! We also worked on my perception and understanding of things, helping me to review situation that had seemed out of my control and previously caused me anxiety in a way that felt more manageable and something I could cope with. Biggest result: The feeling when the puzzle begins to start fitting together again, you realise your situation is only temporary and with hard work you can change the way you feel/think. She made me feel safe and I was reassured that I could talk about anything no matter how silly.

JT, England

A very rich tapestry of skills is available to you when you work with Wendy!

Working with Wendy is a joy.  Her manner is gentle, soft, and very approachable, but at the same time, underneath, she is a very strong, capable and commanding presence as a therapist or coach.  She brings to her sessions a wide variety of training and skills, and is very intuitive regarding what is best for her client’s needs in that moment.  I appreciate Wendy’s creative use of imagery and right brain skills and at the same time her solid grounding in fundamental theories of psychology.  On top of that, she has the wonderful skills that come with her training as a Martha Beck Life Coach.  All in all, a very rich tapestry of skills is available to you when you work with Wendy!

LB, Malibu, CA

I learned to trust and believe in myself again...

Wendy has done a great job of encouraging me to be more ‘authentic’ and honest with myself about the quality of my interactions with people. She calmly assessed and addressed a number of niggling issues that I felt needed work, and over time I learned to trust and believe in myself again. Wendy’s approach was very effective at getting to the root of my concerns and blended a variety of techniques, which enabled me to work through and resolve them. Exploring issues can be quite a challenge and I was very glad to have someone like Wendy to help me on that journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy’s services – she has a natural warmth and charm that allows you to unwind and open up… exactly what I needed!

SLH, England

I found the whole experience to be rewarding, emotional and fun in equal measure...

A friend recognised I was stuck in a rut and pointed me in Wendy’s direction. We were particularly impressed by Wendy’s ability to act as both a life coach and psychotherapist backed by her formidable list of qualifications. The no-nonsense approach to identifying my requirements allowed us to stay focused throughout enabling the delivery of tangible results in the shortest possible time. In order to maximize the effectiveness of each session Wendy set well-structured pre-work which was both thought-provoking and totally absorbing. I found the whole experience to be rewarding, emotional and fun in equal measure and would wholeheartedly recommend Wendy’s services.

JW, England

Wendy had the exquisite power of helping me to understand what was at the root of my unhappiness.

There was no one reason why I chose to see a therapist. Outwardly I was happy, positive and outgoing. Underneath this exterior, I felt lost, had low self-esteem and wasted vast amounts of energy worrying about the future and comparing myself to others.

I found Wendy’s website after trawling the internet, to me she seemed to offer the most holistic approach, a combination of the more ‘evidence based’ CBT and other more dynamic forms of therapy and life coaching. Wendy had the exquisite power of helping me to understand what was at the root of my unhappiness. She used powerful visualisation exercises, gave me the space to talk, and enabled me to challenge my thoughts, adapting each session to my needs. Vitally she provided me with tools to utilise in my everyday life to ensure permanent changes were achieved.

It is cliche but since seeing Wendy, I feel like a weight has been lifted, I am the person that others saw before. I am not immune to the knocks of life (unfortunately she can’t change the actual world),yet I now have the strength to ride through them and look at them in a different light. Likewise when the thoughts that used to haunt my life daily make a rare appearance, I can quickly look at them rationally and stop them from tearing me up unlike before.

Ultimately this whole experience has made me more relaxed, allowed me to appreciate my life and engage in the here and now. Without hesitation, I would recommend Wendy – I feel exceptionally lucky that I was fortunate enough to choose her and wish you all the best in your journey if you decide the same.

ML, England

What I have discovered during my therapy with you is MYSELF. My true self...

I initially contacted you due to a course I was on that required me to undertake personal therapy, I benefited from our discussions about my understanding of therapy, its varied applications and differing approaches.

Having met three therapists for initial consultations prior to yourself, I decided to work with you as I immediately felt at ease in your company and felt comfortable in your consulting room in Chorleywood. I remember thinking at the time that the room was decorated and furnished very similarly to the way I would have chosen which obviously helped in my feelings. Feeling comfortable both inside and out is not something to be underestimated in my view.

We have met regularly for three years. Your warmth and understanding during this time helped me explore many issues using various styles of therapy. I have found all of them extremely useful, I especially enjoyed the art therapy and the use of visualisation. My journey personally over the past few years has been one of the most transitional and sometimes difficult times of my life, little did I know what immediately laid ahead when I initially began our sessions. However knowing the therapy was available to me and the results that were evolving as I progressed along my therapeutic path helped me immensely.

What I have discovered during my therapy with you is MYSELF. My true self. I’ve learnt to be and accept ‘the person’ and ‘the mother’ I am. What I discovered as the therapy progressed that I was developing skills and strategies to help myself deal with situations in the way I’ve always wanted and aspired to manage. Throughout I have felt completely confident in your professionalism, knowledge and skills and could not have wished for a better experience.

I am a different person to the one prior to therapy, more secure in myself and my own skin. I like myself much more than I did. I also have much more confidence personally. I would say the biggest result for me is that I’ve learnt to put myself first before others without feeling guilty.

I am sincerely grateful with much warmth.

LC, England

Reviews of Wendy’s Book, “Claiming Your Kingdom”

Recommend to anyone who is stuck.

Recommend to anyone who is stuck. Certain connections will jump off the pages to you. Mold them and cast them. Reread as needed but keep moving.

Debby on February 26, 2017

She wrote this just for me AND... you'll think she wrote it just for you.

She wrote this just for me AND... you'll think she wrote it just for you. Because she did. This is the magic of the Master in any field. It's also the hallmark of fairytales and myths which must be why when THIS author works with THAT subject matter, it moves things deep inside us. It's weird: I read it and loved it, and then I went about my business... but apparently it starts something happening at a deeper level than my conscious thought because things began changing inside and outside of me. I wonder if this will happen to everyone who reads it. I can't help but hope a lot of people will try it and see.

By Betsy Kay on September 1, 2016

More About The Book

Reviews of Wendy’s Book, “Leaving The Castle”

A beautifully written, thought-provoking book.

Wendy Hammond has written a wonderful book analyzing the transformative journey of divorce through the use of archetypes, fairy tales and myths. Also included are thought-provoking exercises for the reader to examine both their depth of emotions and the practicalities of this momentous decision. A must read for women and men who are contemplating divorce.

ByDiane Peters Mayeron March 13, 2016

Finding the confidence to start over (again).

Early in the text, the author Wendy Hammond, states that though her intended audience might especially apply to women considering ending a relationship, she does not exclude other people using it with other issues. This seems especially applicable here, not least because she is using myth and stories which perhaps can have many layers. This is the joy of them, they can sometimes hold many layers of meaning and capture many apparently contradictory aspects of a human situation.

This is already a well established method for examples applied by Jungian authors like Robert A Johnson and Marie Louise von Franz acknowledged influences in the acknowledgements. Using myths and stories including Sleeping Beauty, The Judgement of Paris and the Bluebeard myth, Hammond elegantly retells the tales succinctly and then includes some discussion of the issues invoked. There are some acute discussions of the emotional issues, as well as some light asides including "Geek facts" about the stories. All of this makes for very pleasant as well as enlightening reading.

There are also some additional details and exercises drawn from the authors experience as a psychotherapist as how to approach the situations described. This draws on the authors experience as a counsellor and therapist herself. This short book will be of use to counsellors and therapist as well as people going through the end of a relationship that has run its course, become burnt out and possibly toxic. It it largely covers these from a largely feminine perspective, but there is much to learn from a masculine one also. This will also be of value to anyone who has reach the end of a tether and is looking to move on in many other situations.

ByGraham Mummeryon April 13, 2016

It feels like you captured my divorced journey right to the core...

You had me at "hello". I don't know what you put into your book, but I started tearing up after the first paragraph. It feels like you captured my divorced journey right to the core. Thank you for this beautiful book.

ByMai Vuon May 31, 2016

A Great Book!

A timeless story filled with the practical steps, vision, and self confidence booster needed to take those next steps with courage! A well-crafted, entertaining and educational walk through the toughest moments of life, led fearlessly by our literary heroes. It's a book you will always remember and often recommend.

By Amazon Customer on August 15, 2016

Leaving the Castle is a beautifully written guide to empowering ourselves while we are facing ...

Leaving the Castle is a beautifully written guide to empowering ourselves while we are facing life's uncertainties. Wendy Hammond is an masterful storyteller and teacher. Through the power of Greek mythology, visualizations and thought provoking exercises she offers her reader tools to discover personal insights and courage to become more than they ever imagined possible.

A must read for anyone considering divorce or going through the process.

By Amazon Customer on March 13, 2016

I enjoyed the stories and metaphors Wendy shares in Leaving the...

I enjoyed the stories and metaphors Wendy shares in Leaving the Castle. I especially liked how she tied everything together for the reader with journal prompts and visual and sensory prompts at the end of each chapter. A great resource for any woman considering divorce!

By JODI SCHUELKE, Relationship Coach & Author on March 14, 2016

A Journey to Self

I really loved this book. I was immediately drawn to the title, wondering what 'castle' she referenced. As she told her fairy tales and myths, it was very clear that we all have 'castles' that sometimes bind us. Wendy Hammond specifically addresses divorce, but her advice applies to any crossroads in life when we need some guideposts to help us identify a situation. Wendy is an excellent guide, asking serious questions and offering a great deal of encouragement. The writing is both lyrical and direct. I highly recommend this book as a tool for self discovery and empowerment. I've already recommended it to several people (not just women!) and feel many will benefit from it. There is not a lot of psychobabble that confuses and bogs down the reader; instead, you feel as if you have started an adventure with a fun friend who will stay by your side as you travel. Good read!

By MoorBooks on March 18, 2016

This book is so interesting and inventive. It pushes...

This book is so interesting and inventive. It pushes you out of your safe zone and to move forward in whatever you are holding yourself back from - whether it be marriage or job or endless other possibilities for the path of our lives.

By Heather on May 6, 2016

Thoughtful and Thought-Provoking - Excellent Guide when Considering Divorce

This is the book I wish I'd had when I was considering divorce. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Wendy Hammond weaves her skills and knowledge from her therapist and coach background with three fairy tales, using the metaphor of the tales to bring the reader deeper insight into their own challenges. Hammond is authentic and open as she shares her own personal journey of navigating the difficult decision to divorce, providing the reader with the confidence that she not only has the professional chops to discuss this subject, she's also survived it herself.

ByEmily Downwardon March 12, 2016

"Leaving the Castle" is an exquisite gift of love. Wendy Hammond invites all of us to slow ...

"Leaving the Castle" is an exquisite gift of love. Wendy Hammond invites all of us to slow down and journey with her on the fairy tales we hold within us, with amazing analogies and meticulous metaphors. In this exploration of the central themes of fairy tale, Wendy transforms them, discovering a deeper meaning within all of us. She uncovers what lies within our strength of soul. This does not mean lack of feeling, however it is about rising above our suffering, bearing it bravely and allowing ourselves to be guided by our highest motives for living. She connects us to our most powerful and supernatural designs for our lives. This book has enabled me to look at my life from another perspective, rather than my narrow and ephemeral point of view, it has helped me to view life from a a "bird's eye view", whilst at the same time sensing/feeling in the depths of my soul. It was like reflecting on the story of my life and it is helpful to remember how far one has come but that the journey is never ending and there will always be new road blocks to overcome and new rooms to discover. The book has opened another door for me and the questions Wendy asks will probably open many others. It can be deceptively easy to fall back into old patterns and this book has strengthened my resolve and given me hope and determination to follow my path no matter how hard. Thank you Wendy!

ByJude Dawn Maleskion March 10, 2016

Leaving the Castle is a brilliantly written book for anyone at their wits end and ...

Leaving the Castle is a brilliantly written book for anyone at their wits end and deciding whether or not to to leave a relationship. Even if you're in another type of life transition or crossroads, this book can be so helpful. Wendy uses fairy tales to help the reader understand what may be happening in their lives through metaphors and archetypes, but she does it quite deeply. She breaks down what is happening in the story in such a way that the reader can see how it relates to their life and what they may be going through, The questions she asks the reader to ponder are both thought and heart provoking. You find out that you really can make the changes you need to make. You will be supported and your new path will become more clear as you take each step on it. Even if you start scared out of your mind, Wendy shares with you and shows you a way to create a new life based on faith and courage, even when everything is unknown. She shows you how to follow your own heart on this journey. And really, that is the only heart that needs to be followed.

BySGCon March 10, 2016

Straight up enjoyment plus practical tools no matter who you are...

Wendy Hammond's book starts with pure entertainment, luscious aesthetics, action, and that cozy feeling that comes with someone telling you a story. Periodically she adds comments and questions that are piercingly, provocatively insightful but have a kind of ease -- you can tell she is thoroughly prepared for this work by her experience as a therapist, coach, and scholar of myth. You feel safe -- you can tell you are in good hands here -- and not just because her skills and instincts are so well honed but because she is so warm and generous. How is this so? Her own life? I don't know, but it's a winning combination that leaves you feeling supported and never judged. Lastly she ends each chapter with super-helpful exercises (including artsy and non-linear ones). I found these to be the real gold.

I know this book is intended for women in the middle of or considering a break in a relationship, but I think any woman would enjoy reading it because who hasn't started over in some way, at some time? And I think it works for other kinds of new starts as well (changing jobs or locales...). It's a deceptively light read that stays with you and guides you for a long time.

By Betsy Kayon March 8, 2016

More About The Book

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